PC emulator versions

Note: you can run DictionaryForMIDs on a PC with a normal windows interface, see http://dictionarymid.sourceforge.net/pc.html. This section describes how to use DictionaryForMIDs with a cell phone emulator.

You can run DictionaryForMIDs also on a PC with a cell phone emulator. If you are interested, here is as an example the English-Spanish directory as a PC-Windows version, created with Midp2Exe. This file runs on a Windows PC: DictionaryForMIDs_PCWin_2.0.1_EngSpa_IDP.zip (1005 kB)
Just unzip the file and start DictionaryForMIDs.exe . The DictionaryForMIDs is started in a cell phone emulator.

If you want to run any other DictionaryForMIDs on a Windows PC you can create the .exe file with Midp2Exe yourself.

A few tips for Midp2Exe:




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